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Security Company

Yes it is great to have security dogs, but it is quite easy to fool a dog than a security professional.
They can easily be poisoned/intoxicated.


Home alarm monitoring can function as a guard dog. It is a service offered by a lot of providers who specialize in selling the equipment. However, monitoring of your home security system is also a task that is performed by companies for alarm or security systems belonging to other manufacturers. The aim of home security monitoring as a service is to ensure the satisfaction of the customer or homeowner when they are away on vacation for a considerable time period. A home alarm monitoring system that is available and operative round the clock is a unique option as there’s 100% security available. A common measure used for guaranteeing cent percent security is to add external lights for deterring burglars. So a home security alarm company like walkerhomesecurity.com can be the guard dog of your house.

home security cameras

Home security cameras not need training like dogs while the dogs need training to maintain the safety home.So, infact security cameras are much cheaper than dogs and security guard.Thanks for sharing worthgoing information with me.

Security Systems California

I will agree with security company. A dog will sound very intimidating but there is not to much security once the intruder does something to these dogs.


This is absolutely a great idea because you get a companion, not just a security system. I recommend a pit bull. They aren't as vicious as you'd think if you socialize them correctly.


Nice idea. Security dogs help a lot and also a good companion for us. But it is very easy to fool it. It's very risky to believe a security dog for the complete home security.There are several security products are available in the market.We should choose any of it which satisfy the security needs. Hidden security camera works well for the home security and much smaller than even a webcam – easy to place and easy to use.

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