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Amy Howard

Having a neighborhood watch is a really good way to protect your home.

If you don't have a neighborhood watch in your area and it doesn't look like you can easily form one, then you may want to consider at least enlisting the help of your immediate neighbors.

Look out for each others properties. Neighbors make the best property watchers because they already know who belongs and who doesn't

Amy Howard


I think that neiborhood watches have made a huge difference where they have been implemented.


Neighborhood watches are agreat way to send a message to the bad guys-'don't mess with us'. It is Free and your local sheriff can help you get it going.

Another idea are to use security cameras around your neighborhood.


Having neighborhood and making good relation with them can give you many benefits instead of using security devices

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I totally agree that looking for a safe neighborhood is the primary factor should you want live safely.

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The best thing about the neighborhood watch program is-IT IS FREE.


totally agree that looking for a safe neighborhood is the primary factor should you want live safely.


I love the idea of the neighborhood watch, especially in urban areas. The problem with relying on this is that alot of people are distracted and focused on themselves these days that they don't even notice what's going on. A combination of a security camera and good relations with your neighbors seems like a good start.


A neighborhood watch in combination with security devices can make a neighborhood much safer than doing nothing at all. Dummy cameras with a flashing led light is an inexpensive way to secure your home.


Maintaining good neighborhood relationships can result in reciprocal property surveillance which helps everyone stay safer. Neighbors pass the message to you if they see any criminal activity on or by your property. This is very helpful in preventing crime.


Neighborhood watches are definitely the way to go. They give individuals a sense of responsibility and concern for their property. The "buy-in" is what motivates people to keep pressing for better neighborhood security.


By using wireless CCTV systems you can effectively prevent a lot of theft from both customers and employees. These cameras can be very covert and placed in a variety of places with no one knowing. You then can catch individuals in the act as well as recording for prosecution. This is a great and affordable way to stop losses for your company.


Neighborhood watches really scares burglars to enter the house.

Being vigilant is a way of saying to burglars that "Hey, I'm here and these are mine!"


Frank Jordan

Neighborhood watch doesn't always work because the neighbors aren't always cooperative and are usually the cause of the problems. Sometimes they become irrational and violent if you approach them regarding a problem. BEWARE!


Yes, criminals like easy targets. Awareness is the key to deterring crime and keeping your neighborhood safe. You can't do it alone, strength in numbers is why watch programs work so well.

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