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Anna Green

This is just what i have been looking for! Could you tell me where i would go to get one of these installed?

Erik Johson

What a great product. I always wondered why so many manufactures built these huge free standing safes that are difficult to place in your home or business. Right between the studs is perfect! Thanks for the product information. Who is the manufacture?

Brinks Home Security Fan

How about low to the ground behind the headboard of the bed? Is that too obvious?

I'm thinking that behind the water heater is very difficult to access (good for protection against burglars, kinda bad for when you want to access it), and putting it behind the bed makes it more difficult to access than behind a painting, but not TOO hard to access. The only question is whether or not it's too obvious of a hiding place. Any thoughts?


This wall safe looks really simple and nice.I think this is very useful.The price is also worth it.Thank you for giving such good information..


Wall safes are great. They have been around forever and they work well. The are key to keeping valuables out of sight of burglars. That is very important since they are usually in a hurry. I use one and would recommend one for anybody.

Security Clearance Lawyer

Utilizing everday objects as safes, such as that trailer hitch, is a great idea. Especially if they are the last place a burglar would look.

I know someone that has a porcelain bidet that has a safe inside, clearly the bidet is not functional. But who would check out the rest room for valuables?

I'm not sure who the manufacturer is but it's very ingenious.

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