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It’s a well accepted fact that most robberies and crimes tend to happen during the night. Criminals quite like operating under the veil of darkness as they are easier to detect and therefore foil. That is why home security is always important.


another good front door lock is this new thing called the door chucky. they have a video on there site that made me want buy one. I think it would bring more protection then haveing a chain.
so check out this front door lock


thnx for your simple yet effective advice there fella! I also have that one too but just another brand


It doesn't get much simpler than that! I am in the home security business, and I must say that a simple door chain gives you a lot of bang for about 10 bucks. This is good advice that's easy to implement.


Thanks for the great, inexpensive tips for securing doors and for pointing out this security upgrade.

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