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good article but what if we forget number for our door lock.. is there any solution for this..


In the present time everybody is worry for security of himself and his family. Many criminals eyes surround you every time. For that purpose you should install home security system in your house for avoid these bad eyes which always surround you.


Disha, Can you read? "Other perks with the Schlage lock include a key override system in case you forget the programming code down the line."


The only downside to this product is that if you forget to keep up on battery maintainence they can die when you least expect it. I know from experience as a friend of ours had to climb through the doggie dog to feed our puppies while we were 100's of miles away on vacation. My husband and I actually make a product in Beaverton, Oregon called a RocLok that offers many of the same features (ie. a code you set and change) but it doesn't rely on batteries - at the very least I think that having a spare for your spare isn't such a bad way to go and if you are going to hide a key outside it shouldn't be unprotected.

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Yes. I definitely agree with your post. Some people tend to think that burgles are that stupid. So, as for me, I choose to look at all the possible outcome in order to prevent this from happening.

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