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Good list.

People are so worried about someone entering their home that they install locks, cameras and security systems.

But as you pointed out...

The bad guys can get all they want from you PLUS MORE, by going thru your trash.

Do your self a favor and pick up a shredder. A decent one will cost $30 at walmart.

Next do not throw any junk mail away unless it is shredded. Why should you make it easy for the bad guys.

While a break in may cause a few sleepless nights...Identity theft can cause you heartache for years to come.



I never really thought about the change of address trick. I wonder why the post office doesn't require more ID when doing that?


It always amazes me how thiefs can come up with so many creative ways to rip you off. The best product I bought recently was my shredder

Gavyn Smith

I have written about this subject myself numerous times since it is such a problem, and it seems that it only gets more untraceable with the advent of the internet.

One of the ways that has come about recently that could be added to your list is called pretexting. This is where identity thieves call your home acting as an official of some kind, perhaps a bank official or government official. He/She then proceeds to ask for you information for 'verification purposes' and before you know it, they've gone on a joyride with your savings....it happens unfortunately!

Gavyn Smith

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