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Great and timely advice, just about to set up a wood burner in the garden.

Outdoor Designer

An outdoor fireplace is a great addition to outdoor living areas. It brings people together and allows for the enjoyment of the summer months. However, it is important to know and fully understand the laws surrounding outdoor fireplaces within your jurisdiction.

Chuck Wheat

This is a helpful article and provides some answers that many people think about - great for the summer season.


Yeah, helpfull article for people who aren't sure of what burning.A lot of them burn junk.The trick is to burn quality wood like maple or the new eco-logs trend...and you will enjoy for long time your fire pit and have better neighborhood relations ;)

gas fireplaces

Several folks are using out of doors gas fireplaces to make their pools and hot tubs more useful year-round. In cool months, they’ll sit on the deck and relish hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows by the fire. Others produce an elaborate backyard oasis, complete with palm trees and veranda—with the hearth an intricate half of the design.

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