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Charles Wheat

Gel fireplaces and fire products are really interesting. We have seen some designers use smaller versions as torches or as fire that comes out of the floor in order to decorate a pool area or hallway. Many designers are thinking outside of the box with these. Some people do not like the smell of gel though..

Jo S.

My partner and I own one of these contemporary wall mounted gel fireplaces and love it! It was easy to install/hang. The cans of gel fuel do not emit smoke and minimal smell and the effect/ambience of the burning flames is very dramatic and hypnotically mesmerizing like a real fireplace. The convenience and ease of use with the canned gel is great. They do burn about 3 hours but if you want to put out the flame sooner you simply snuff it out with the flame/gel can covers that come with the fireplace....then re-light later. We love these gel fireplaces. The one we currently have is in our lake home but we are planning to buy one for our San Francisco Bay Area home soon. Highly recommend these especially for condos if you love the ambience of a fireplace without the smoke, hassle and HOA limitations of fireplace installations.

Sandie VanDyck

I have a Tuscan style wall mounted gel fireplace in my kitchen. I absolutely love it!!! I had it mounted on the central brick chimney within the looks great, provides the ambience I wanted and entertains me as I dance around the kitchen preparing meals. I recommend this to anyone who does not have the option of installing a gas fireplace. I just re-discovered this very item for, approximately, $200 on Home Decorators-----quite a bargain, considering I was willing to spend much more for a gas fireplace, had one been able to be installed!!!

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