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We have an LCD tv above the fireplace in our living room. There doesn't seem to be any problem with the heat from the fireplace (we have a gas insert and it puts out quite a bit of warmth), but the position of the TV isn't the most comfortable when you're watching it, because you have to crane your neck back a bit. That's something for people to consider before getting a flat-screen tv mounted above the fireplace, especially if you're going to go through all the work of hiding the wires in the wall (that kind of makes your choice semi-permanent).


Mounting a television over a fireplace is an extremely bad idea. Both the fireplace and television manufacturers will advise against this, and it will void any warranty for the t.v.. Most consumer electronics are rated for storage tempratures below 125 degrees, and most recomend opperational tempratures below 95 degrees. according to national standards the temperature above a vent-free gas heater can reach 117 degrees above ambient room temperatures. In a 70 degree room this means the temperature can safely reach up to 187 degrees. This is well below the 400 degree plus ignition point of wood and drywall requires well over 1000 degrees for ignition. If you want to install a t.v. over a fireplace contact the television manufacturers customer service departements and ask. I have yet to find one that when given all the facts that will advise that is can or should be done.


my comment is put the tv in the fire place. then it can be covered up by the screen in front of the fire place. most people with a fire place don't use them that much anyway


I say throw the TV in the fireplace, just watch the flames ignite.


I have an above the fireplace install, pics the install above. The biggest issue to me is that the height of the screen pushes seating placement pretty far away. I live in Southern Califorina and like one commenter said, the fireplace is rarely used.


Thanks for this post


I disagree with most the comments I am reading about not hanging your TV above the fireplace.
Gas versus wood fireplace- I burn wood as the main source to heat my home in Wisconsin. I built my home last year, and looked deeply into what needs to be done to mount a TV over my fireplace. First of all it needs to be an LCD TV, not a plasma as plasma uses gas to display its picture and heat will disrupt the picture and/or damage the TV. Second if I were to mount a TV over the fireplace, I would need to use a mantle that would stick out far enough to hide the TV from direct rising heat,and I would need to keep the doors on the fireplace shut. The stone above my mantle stays relatively cool, below it is quite warm. Also I would need to mount my TV flush as possible, again to hide it from heat. A wood fireplace has different specs than a gas fireplace, as a result it is very likely that you will be mounting a TV higher in a wood burning setup than a gas burning. So mounting a TV above a wood fireplace has its obstacles.
A gas fireplaces does not burn nearly as hot as a wood burning. Gas fireplaces are usually smaller, and don't need a hearth similar to a wood burner. (I am not a fireplace expert!) With some thought in planning with your fireplace/TV area, it is completely possible and easy to get your TV to an acceptable viewing height and the best part is, there is ONE MAIN FOCAL POINT in the room!! Hide your components (cable box, dvd,receiver, ect)in a nerby closet, place an IR sensor by the tv to run the components,add wall and/or ceiling speakers and now you have an uncluttered, clean area to relax. I have never seen a TV next to a fireplace setup that I liked or thought attractive. I have seen many great gas fireplace/TV setups,and a few not so good. Just research and plan. Adam

Vicki Lerch

I have a TV above my fireplace. I have had this set up for 8 years with no problems with the TV. The problem is cranking your neck to see the TV up there. My room is small so I purchased couches with high backs. (which helped) I just purchased a 52" flat screen LCD & will be putting it on a stand. I guess I will have 2 focal points. Oophs!

james d

i am looking for ideas to enclose my t.v. above my fireplace when not in use? where can i go on the internet for ideas. thank you, jimbo


We have an old-style TV above a gas log fireplace and have had no problems, except that fumes from the gas create a film on the screen that must be cleaned often. I'm wondering how these fumes would be cleaned from an LCD screen without damaging it??

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