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Great site -- thanks!

Dave Beling

Would there be any benefit to
fitting an aluminum or stainless
sheet on the back 3 walls of the
fireplace, which might reflect
more heat into the room?

Daniel Cox

I'm trying to figure out how to draw more heat from my wood-burning fireplace to the back of my home. The bedrooms can consistantly stay a few degrees cooler. I was thinking about putting a box fan in the living room, several feet away from the fireplace. This fan would point down the hallway in the direction of the bedrooms. Do you think this will help to get more heat to that part of the house?

Fireplace Owner

Daniel, I don't think that would work very well. Here's a good discussion of your situation (and why it's so hard to move heat from room to room with a wood stove):

tracy nguyen

Do you know if a gas fireplace would cost less to run than a regular central heat for the house?


I am considering the installation of an outdoor air intake at the back of my fireplace to reduce the amount of warm indoor air loss up the chimney.

I would assume that installing the intake vent as low as possible may be best from a chimney draft standpoint but am concerned that it would become blocked with ash if it were placed too low. Therefore, I am considering installing the vent higher to minimize ash blockage but I am afraid that if installed too high that it would interfere with the chimney draft process. Can any one provide some guidance or insight into this issue?


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