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Pedro Abreu

My friend, I must tell you that you´re no quite right in some of the cons you´ve posted about rammed earth.
It´s perfectly possible to create rounded or sculpturally shaped walls, and costs tend to equilibrate as the knowledge developments and tecnologies associated to earth constrution grow all over the world.
My best compliments,

Rick Lindsay - Earth Structures Group

We would like to add that many hundreds of insulated rammed earth buildings have been constructed by the Earth Structures Group since 1998, both in Australia and the UK, and most recently in Sth Korea. These walls use a 50 to 100mm Styrofoam panel in the centre of each wall, combined with patented stainless steel pins that bridge the two walls together. These walls achieve an R rating of 2.7 up to 5.2, depending on the width of the Styrofoam used. The beauty is you gain a high R rating while maintaining a useul U value to store and release passive heat and "coolth". Also the insulation is hidden from both sides with a minimum 175mm cover of beautiful rammed earth. Check our website www.earthstructures.com.au for more information.


well i think that these are very nice homes
but i really want to see something more interesting
not that these arent very interesting

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