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I actually had the chance to tour an underground home here in Eastern Washington. It was 100 degrees out at the time, but nice and cool inside without the air conditioning or anything turned on. I thought it would be really dark inside because this home only had two walls exposed to the world, but it was quite comfortable. I wonder how hard it is to find an architect who can design this kind of home.

Ryan and Megan

We are building an underground garage at our eco-friendly house. This allows us to hide it from the view of our neighbors and gives us a backyard (we are on a steep hill).

Your blog is great! We are blogging about our eco-friendly home project. It will be a small home in the City of Calgary. The project is an environmentally friendly, modern small house that blends into the cultural heritage of urban Calgary. Our site includes research from home building sites, home renovation sites, and Calgary companies involved in our home building project



? could this be the worlds answer to heating fuel prices ?

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