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First of all, I think this blog is great. Alternative housing options are going to become more and important as the years go by.

I've got a pretty cool way for you to spread the word about your blog (it's free, don't worry). You should think about swinging by our new community site for log home lifestyle enthusiasts. You can set up a profile in the community and promote your blog with photos and links to your favorite posts.

You can find this community at http://www.LogHomeU.com

Let me know what you think! And feel free to delete this post. I just couldn't find any contact info on the site!

- Andrew
Online Content Manager
LogHome.com | Log Home Living Magazine


Really interesting. I look forward to hearing more about your research and I am looking forward to reading the article.


Nice Recommendation, I'm interested for this. Thanks for the post.

Deirdre G

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