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Hi, I live in the UK and would like to buy a modular home in Florida, I have no idea how to do this so would be greatful for any advice you may have.


Robert Kot

Here is my experience with modular housing. Yes, not all modular homes are built the same... but, here I am. Take a look at what Liberty Homes, Inc delivered to me. www.VeryBadHome.com It is my opinion that the manufactured home industry has regulations, but that rarely do you see them enforced. It would seem that in IL, if you get a modular home with no issues, then you are fortunate. If you get a modular home in IL with issues, then good luck. The IL Dept of Public Health (IDPH) regulates modular housing in IL, yet they refused to enforce any of their regulations in my case. Check out my website. You won't believe your eyes. Also, on my website, a few inches from the top, you will see a link to ABC 7 Chicago’s story they aired about my home – 4.5 minutes of air time. I’ve got signed letters from 11 IL Senators and 36 State Representatives supporting me that were sent to IDPH, and yet they still refuse to do anything. Representative Mike Tryon (64th District) presented a Bill – HB5272. This is essentially a Lemon Law for manufactured housing in Illinois. If you know someone that lives in IL (or you live there), ask them to contact their IL State Representative for their District and ask them to support HB5272. Otherwise, there is no IL Statute that will allow you to sue. The IL Department of Public Health has Statute 430-ILCS-115. But, if no one enforces it, then it is useless as in my case. 430-ILCS-115 is a criminal statute and not a civil one.

David Oxhandler

Manufactured Housing has matured quiet a bit in the past several years. The quality and variety available in manufactured homes had increased ten fold. The Florida Manufactured Housing Association has a great Myth vs.. Facts page on line at http://www.builtstronger.com/myths.html

The new Housing & Economic Recovery Act can benefit manufactured home buyers even more than buyers of conventional home. The tax credit/loan that Uncle Sam is offering is up to seventy five hundred dollars. Because of assembly line building and massive purchasing by factory builders the cost of manufactured homes is considerably less then site built. So the percentage that the tax credit will cover on an manufactured home can be considerable greater. See the recent article "What the Housing & Economic Recovery Act Means to MH Buyers" at


There are also new finance options emerging daily for manufactured homes If you take your prospective loan and let the market compete for your business you will be quiet surprised at just what is out there now. One of the best places to find competitive quotes for manufactured housing financing and refinancing is The Manufactured Housing Loan Finder at


Sam Hess

The manufactured housing industry has come a long way in the last 20 years in terms of quality and options.
There are many things to know about whatever type of mobile home you may want to buy.
Whether this is a singlewide, a doublewide, or a modular home one very important consideration is the financing.
You should know how long you plan to keep the MH and/or how long you plan to keep the loan you are about to enter into before you make a buying decision.
It is getting harder to finance or even refinance this property type as a great many of the lenders who specialized in mobile homes are now out of business so it pays to know what your exit strategy is on this home before you buy it. With some forethought and education you can make your ownership experience a good one.

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