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Thanks for the information you put on this site but atleast provide me with a link where to purchase these products. Information is great but without the where with all to purchase I'm still in the same spot as when I arrived here!
Where can I buy laminate for my windows?


Shatterproof glass does seem like a great idea, but one thing does make me kind of disappointed: there's no website listed to go buy this product. But I did find a website for those who feel the same way I do; http://www.shatterguard.com

Mike Stickney

I would like to get into installing this special laminate for windows as a professional installer. I have alot of experience with auto tinting and think I can corner the market in cedar rapids I just want to make homes safer and if I pad my pocket in the process, I'm all for it
i would appreciate u gettting back to me @ mstick1.0@hotmail.com
or if u could get me in contact with the right people I would be much appreciated.
Thank You
Mike Stickney


Try this website
or http://www.housearmor.com


Where can you get this? "security laminate"

Ashley Nicole

I have been looking at various homes in Flint, MI and other cities that are slowly going downhill. I firmly think everyone should feel safe in their own home that is way I have been researching shatterproof and Hurricaneproof glass. Many companies are out there with these wonderful products.




here are 3 websites for products for shatterproofing windows:


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