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    Back in 2003-2005, I had so much trouble with heartburn (acid reflux, GERD, call it what you like), I couldn't sleep at night because it felt like I was having a heart attack. I'd end up getting a couple hours sitting propped up in a chair. I was only 25 at the time! I always felt lousy, and I had RSI, acne, headaches, and other issues, too (only later did I find out this was all related).

    The doctors wanted me to take prescription-strength acid-blocking pills every day; I was afraid of what taking this stuff all the time might do, and it didn't even help that much. Finally, I came across a couple of books that led me to get tested for food allergies; it turned out I was gluten- and dairy-intolerant. When I eliminated these foods from my diet, my heartburn and acid reflux symptoms disappeared within a couple weeks (my other health problems gradually went away as well).

    I stopped posting to this blog when my problems went away, but recently I've seen so much utter BS on the web (buy my ebook and I'll cure your heartburn!) that it made me want to start posting again. I'm not a doctor, so please find a natural practitioner (or at least a doctor who will help you look for root causes rather than prescribing drugs) to deal with your own problems. But if you find this blog more useful than the sites trying to scam you into buying get-well-yesterday products, please link to it and let's try to help some people...

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January 08, 2010



i can't tell you waht finding this site has ment for me. just a little while ago i was wondering myself lying awake, wondering if i was having a heart attack. I finaly asked some advice from a forum i frequent, and the doctor that posts there explain that i had acid reflux, where a nurses line suggested i call emergency.

and now, this black mold stuff! I think i have a lawsuit on my hands! i lived in an apartment for two years almost, that had viscous black mold. we were moved in and were not told anything about mold!

thank you so much for posting all of this! it was one of the top results on google.

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