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Larry Williams

Fatwood is definitely NOT the way to start a fire indoors. The oily smoke fatwood produces contaminates the air, and the oily resins stick to the fireplace and chimney walls, increasing the chances of getting a chimney fire. And newspapers? Only the uninformed use newspapers to start an indoor fire. The only way newspapers work at all is if individual newspaper pages are wadded into balls and placed under the wood then set on fire. Be prepard to wad many, many balls of newspaper. If newspaper print is just placed under the wood folded over as bought/delivered, it will do nothing but smolder, even if it will do that, smoking up your home. However, cedar fire starters are excellent, producing neither oily smoke, or resins, and lighting most wood quickly.


We just use newspaper and kindling we cut ourselves. (I don't know what the guy is doing who thinks it takes a ton of newspaper to start a fire, just wad up a couple sheets under the kindling... No idiot is going to put the folded newspaper under the firewood, duh).

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