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i want to see pictures!

Dave (WNY)

We and many other use Coal to heat our homes with here in teh Northeast since hard coal (anthracite) is readily available. The price of natural gas, oil, propane have increased dramatically, you can get good even heat and warmer heat with coal at a much lower heating cost. It costs us less then $150/month to heat our 2500 sq. ft 1890 Victorian keeping it much warmer than with gas and cheaper. Gas would cost be tween $300-400/month to keep it 60-62 degrees. We keep it 68-70 now!


I have an old circa 1930 Swedish Coal stove called J & G E Bollingers made in Stockholm, Sweden. I would like to know how to use this stove. does anyone have any info on this? Erica, South Africa

Ray Glass

I have been heating with a coal stove since November and have been very pleased. However, I am concerned about the amount of ash that is left and how to safely dispose it. Are there any suggestions?

Debbie Kline

Do I need to worry about any respiratory issues with the burning of coal?

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