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We actually had radiant floor heating installed for this winter and it's proving to be quite the money saver. Before we were heating with gas and electric, which just heats the air. Radiant floors heat the floor and the warmth rises to heat up the room. They're efficient and are great if you only want to heat some rooms of the house at once. It's also a lot less messier than dealing with cleaning a gas, coal, wood, corn, or pellet stove out all the time.

mark isaacson

gas prices keep going up so it would probley be cheaper to burn wood then having to pay a couple hundred dollars each winter. Ya wood is a little more work but it will keep u healthy and u will have more money

Walter McGin

Remember that radiant floors in themselves do not change the efficiency of a heating system. All of that efficiency is in the furnace or boiler. As long as your home is insulated well, all the heat generated by that furnace, boiler, or other heat source will stay in your house regardless of the type of radiator.

However, back to the point of radiant floors: they are nice on your feet, but they do have other pros and cons. One of thing that is not a pro or a con is their overall thermal efficiency.


I'd like to know the relation between BTUs and cubic feet of gas consumption. Can you help?

g nrodahl

Which is "cleaner" to burn with, oil or wood?

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