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can i convert a wood burning fireplace to a gas fireplace without removing the wood burning metal insert?

Erick J.

Remo, I'm not sure exactly what you have but you'd probably have to remove the insert and put in a gas insert or some gas lines. Also you have to have a professional run a gas line to your fireplace if there isn't one already hooked up (probably isn't).

Mary Ann

We have a very large wood burning fireplace in our cabin. I would like to convert it to gas log but wonder how much of the heat i will loose up the chimney. Does the installation compensate in some way for the open chimney. I can just imagine all that heat being wasted.


I would really like to install gas logs into my fireplace. I know for a fact that we have a gas line running into our fireplace, so what I need to know is if I can hook a set of gas logs into the gas line and bingo have an instant fire! Someone please help us out!

James S.

I have a non-working wood-burning fireplace. It is non-working because the previous owner used the flume as a heating duct. Is it possible to still convert the fireplace into a gas fireplace?




John, probably not unless it's a traditional fireplace that was converted to a unit capable of fueling gas logs.

Amanda Speier

I have a gas fireplace and would like to convert to wood. How can I tell if I have a traditional fireplace that was converted to gas?

Sandy P

I am looking to convert my zero clearance fireplace to gas? I just want a gas line in there and not an insert. On average how much can I expect to pay a professional to run the gas line, and set up the pipe in the fireplace with the key?

Marilyn Callahan

Can a propane gas fireplace be converted to an electric fireplace?


Marilyn, since electric fireplaces just need to be plugged in, you can put them anywhere (including in the firebox of your old fireplace if you want). They don't need to be vented or anything, so they can also just be set against the wall or in a corner or what have you.

Sheri Arzem

We had a contractor install a Valor New Horizon direct vent insert into our existing wood burning fireplace. The contractor removed the existing brick firebox. Since day one there has been a draft coming into the house through the openings of the fireplace insert. Do you know what can be done to stop the draft? The insert works and the vent runs all the way up the chimney although it only needed to be run out through the wall. We had a chimney person come in and install pink insulation behind the insert but that didn't work at all. Others had tried to fix the draft but failed as well. Please help!!

Richard P Lewis

I have a older triple wall airtight woodsove can this be converted to gas and could the doors be closed so the stove worked much like it did with wood

judy pierce

We have a fireplace with metal, I guess called heatalators. No one seems to beable to covert this to a gas fireplace. What is the big problem??

judy pierce

We have a fireplace with metal that cannot be removed, called heatalaters.. Can a gas fireplace be inserted. No one seems to want to do it.

Brett Anderson

I have a wood burning fireplace with no gas line. My neighborhood is all electric, thus, gas lines are not available. Is there a retrofit kit that burns propane without having to drill or run lines into my fireplace? In other words, something that burns on a propane cartridge similar to one you take camping that powers your campstove or lantern?


When I bought my house the realitor said I have a wood and gas fireplace, i am wondering how can I tell if it is truly a wood burning fireplace? I don't want to burn my house down.

sandy warner

I bought a home that had a wood buring fireplace converted into a gas burining. there is a key to turn on the gas which it does, however, I don't know where to use the match to get it lighted.

Lynn Quade

I currently have a zero clearance wood burning fireplace that was converted to be used with a pellet stove unfortunately the previous owners took the stove so we're left with a metal hose hanging down and no doors left on the fireplace. What I want to know is whether it's possible to convert to a gas insert as it appears they heat more efficiently than wood.

D. Richard

Does the chimney have to be removed when replacing a wood fire box to a gas fireplace box?

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