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Reggie Wilson

Newer woodstoves are of much greater quality, efficiency and environmental friendliness. Beware of buying an old woodstove since it may not offer you the efficiency and may not even be legal by codes in your area. Check with local codes people first, buy second. Newer stoves burn cleaner and carry EPA approvals; older ones do not.



Could you give me some information on how to find out the worth of a 1980 wild oak wood stove from the Webster stove foundry in St. Louis Missouri? We have not had any luck as of yet.


Dan Emert

price for used Vagabond wood stove. What could i expect to get for it?

david dalton

I ran across an ad for a used Lopi Answer woodstove for $595. I thought it might be a good deal until i found it was 10 years old. Seller would not budge on price. Figure the vakue before reconditioning to be $300. Any input on worth.



Did you ever find the information your were looking for? I was searching for the same. A friend of mine was given one of these Webster stoves. I had never seen one before and thought it was old. I have searched all over the internet and cannot find anything.


I have two wood burning heaters
one is a free standing stove type the other a fireplace type the free standing will heat an 1800 sq ft home the fire place is 2000 sq ft home. the fire place is a zero clearance which requires only a minimum space between the wall and the unit I also have some of the pipe which is triple wall stainless I live in Louisiana if anyone is interested call me @ 225 274 5882 I want 500 for each they are in great condition nothing but installation needs to be done.

Marielle Riendeau

I am looking for a used white or off-white wood burning stove. I live in NH. Please contact me if you have one available.


Looking for a free or inexpensive wood burning heater/stove.
Located in Philadelphia PA suburbs

John Montgomery

The 1980 wild oak wood stove from the Webster stove foundry in St. Louis Missouri is a high quality replica of 1n 1800's design. If in nice shape it is probably worth about $600-$800.00
- JMontgomery
Antique Auction Bureau

Rick S

What about a stove with the following. (We were also unable to find any specific information....would love to find a manual.)

The following is the tag info:

Webster Stove, 3112 LaSalle, St. Louis
Model Hearthcat II
Serial 3384058
Floor Protect 8" each way
26" away from back wall, 24" from side wall
Test Report #286
Test Standard UL1482
Date Tested July 26, 1983


Just purchased a used Vermont Castings defiant II woodstove, manufactured in 1980. The stove has alot of surface rust but all flu vents and air intake are suggestion for reconditioning the unit before installing, or am i just looking gasget replacements and alot of wire brushing...looking for advice...

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