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Steve Tift

I'm lookong for a custom size vent-free gas (propane) firebox. It needs to fit an old family mantel
that we've had for years. does anyone manufacture a firebox to specific dimensions? Thanks for your help. Steve


I'm in the process of buying a 1880's farmhouse in Hudson NY and am interested in having a fireplace installed. Our inspector said he'd guess that to have a masonry fireplace installed was upwards of $10k. The price quotes above are significantly lower -- are they for real? What is the all in cost of installing a simple but nice looking fireplace and chimney for a 2 story house?


Michael, I think the prices from the ThisOldHouse site are for one-story houses. Doubling the height of the chimney is going to add to the cost a lot. The best thing you can do is get three or four contractors to come in and give you estimates. They're the ones who are best going to know the cost for your house.


This price of $3,300-$4,800 is not a real price. I am a masonry contractor out of NH. Anyone who gives a price that low is bound to take the money and run. I charge $9,000- upwards to 40,000 (highend) for authentic masonry fireplaces. Agian, dont trust anyone withprices that low.

Kim Nichols

We bought a house with a gas fireplace. Our old house had a wood burning fireplace and we want to return to that. What is the average cost of going from gas to natural?


I think the post above who claims that $3,300-$4,800 is not a real price, is probably a person who has a difficult time in justifying the higher prices. In these tough economic times, everything is in an uproar. I do heating and air conditioning and am employed, however, due to many lay-offs, we are competing against many un-licensed, though professional contractors. My best advice is to use a contractor who is from a referral. One who is happy with the work performed and felt that the price was justified, no matter how high...or low. Always, always!, use a referral. If a referral is not available, than it is always a gamble. Proof Is In The Pudding!

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