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Joanne Pfeiffer

I'm deathly allergic to ammonia! Will the solution work without it? If not, is there a substitution I could use?

Carpet Cleaning

The solution will work without ammonia. The ammoni does make the job easier but you can still get it done with a little more elbo work.


A great cleaner for soot on bricks is a laundry stain remover. You may need several applications and a hard metal brush or regular scrub brush. Just spray stain remover on bricks,in a small area at a time, let soak for a min. "spray and wash"is good, but all the laundry stain removers work well. scrub while wet have some warm water ready in a bucket with a small amount of laundry detergent in it, about a table spoon per half bucket of water. Repeat spray then scrub then dip the brush in the bucket loosen, repeat etc. Whne you have reach desired level of clean, rinse with clean water. It is a good idea to seal the brick with a sealer at this point to prolong the clean life of the bricks.
For bricks with paint on them, plain old acetone works will. Hope this helps.


I live in Michigan and needed some brick work done for my stone fireplace. Well, like every easy project, this one turned out to get a little more complicated than I originally had imagined. The whole plan looked great on paper, but eventually I knew the building stone I had gotten wasn’t going to be enough. I got some recommendations from a buddy of mine, but I wanted to go with a company that has been around for a while and has a reputation that they stand behind. Another friend of mine suggested Lincoln Brick and Stone. I checked out their website (, made a couple of phone calls, and they really put my mind at ease. The project, on its way to being a complete masonry nightmare, wound up ending without incident. I would say “fun”, but since when is installing a new stone fireplace fun? Just to celebrate the hard fought victory over my stone fireplace, I had them throw in some custom engraving to seal the deal. I was generally very pleased with the work done by Lincoln Brick and Stone and would recommend them in a heartbeat for anyone who wants to have a stone fireplace, but might be a little reluctant to choose a company to use.


Wow. I just tried the "spray and wash" and it worked great! Thanks for the tip!!!

Chuck O'Hara

We have just completed a gorgeous stone wall behind our air tight wood stove. Stones are the round hard coloured stones,pinks,blues,greens etc. The stones look so nice and bright when just washed but now look faded and not bright at all. What can we do to bring back that brightness of the colours in the stones. Thanks so much. Chuck


I used "Greased Lightning" multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser and the soot just rolled off. I spray rinsed with water afterwards.

Debbie Brown

I would like to suggest to the person who had the brightly colored stones before washing, now looking dull. I believe a coat or two of sealer will pop that color back!

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