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Rod Rodda

What about charcoal?


I have been reading about sawdust bricks to use as an alternative fuel in a wood-burning fireplace. The only information I can find online is a German website (all in German!) Do you know anything about this product, and where in the US (online) I can purchase it?

Carlos Rosales

Hello, I have a house with 2 fireplaces that where build to burn coal in the old days.
They are smaller in size and made out of metal incased in the wall.
I haven't been able to use them because I can't find the anthracite coal.
Any suggestions?


I burn anthracite stove sized coal in my victorian fire basket. All we have in the North East is anthracite.

Ed Brown

i moved into a good size trailer,theres a fire place that was used for wood burning. the fire brick seems to be thick enough,but do you think that it wood be safe to burn coal? thank you.


You should get a real coal stove if you want to burn coal with any kind of efficiency. You can find them used.

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