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Ray Price

Hi Ray,

Save your $$$. Check out this article. :) patty and stan

Spencer Selander

The Creosote Sweeping Log is claimed to cause creosote to flake away over a couple weeks after it's used, so checking right after burning it doesn't tell you if it does what it's supposed to. However, it's only claimed to reduce creosote, not remove it all, so it's no substitute for chimney sweeping. Be nice if someone would give it a real, controlled test, though.


We had to replace our woodstove this year. We haven't used our chimney in 14 years, and expected they'd find a lot of creosote since we didn't have it swept after that season we ran the stove for the winter after moving in.

The previous home owners always used that powder that is supposed to prevent creosote build up and we used it the year we burned wood.

With our old woodstove removed, it gave the chimney cleaning guy a great vantage point to get in there with extendable mirrors and flashlights to inspect the chimney.

To our surprise and the chimney sweepers surprise, there was no creosote build up in our chimney. So obviously the powder does something. I don't know about the logs, but the powder seemed to do its job.


I had a Chimney sweep professional highly recommend the logs. I haven't used one yet though. My local Walmart does not sell them.

Tyrone Rivera

I love to burn in my wood stove, it has saved me so much money on propane cost I will always burn in my stove. I find burning good seasoned wood will help reduce to amount of creosote left in the pipe.I think after three years of burning pine,oak and walnut I would have had to clean out the pipe but after I looked in the pipe and found so little buildup that the only thing I need to make sure to clean was the screen at the top.... Save your money and clean it yourself.. Had a hard time getting someone to come and clean my wood burning stove so I did it myself that's how I found out by burning good seasoned wood is the way to go.. Keep warm..God Bless


Shoot, I was hoping they would be amazing. Now the Shamwow and Chimney Sweep Log have let me down.

pat lorenz

Hi, we have a duplex with 2 fireplaces that are next to each other and there is only one chimney. One of the people put a creosote log in her side and she said that the next morning it left a smell. She open the doors and took out some old wood and black ash. The fire place is about 18 to 20 years old. What do you think and I don't know when it was cleaned before we bought the duplex which was 2 years ago, Thank you, Pat :-)

Pamela Duncan

The old man we rent from told us they cleaned the chimney with a controlled chimney fire that flushes out all of the impurities. Of course, ours is an OLD, well-built brick chimney, that can withstand the heat. Anyway, these newfangled kind probably can't handle such treatment and are used mostly for looks, anyway. Maybe if they are used spuriously, they won't need deep cleaning at all.

Peter Schorer

What is needed is an objective test of each brand of cresote-cleaning log. "Objective" almost certainly excludes tests by chimney sweepers' organizations, for obvious reasons. Perhaps Consumer Reports has already done such tests. It seems hard to believe that by now a company hasn't come up with a log that at least renders grade 3 creosote (the most dangerous kind)easily removable by brushes afterward.


Walmart is not the only store in the world! Try a fireplace store or home improvement store for the logs. Expand your horizons! If you are in Canada, Canadian Tire has them!


Hi All
I am a chimney sweep in the UK and have tested the creosote logs and consider them as a 'better than doing nothing' product but one hit wonders usually are. The best products to use are ones that are used over time such as flue free chimney cleaner : stuff really does work - couple of scopes twice a month. And always burn dry wood. There are lots of tips on my website. God Bless

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